Port of Antwerp

"Antwerp owes its existence and prosperity to the water."

One of Antwerp’s defining characteristic is his harbor, which is home to the second biggest port in Europe and 5th largest in the world. The port, located north of the city is one of the vastest industrial zones in the Benelux. In an area of some 15.000 hectares, it has enormous docks and the largest complex of locks in the world.

For many European companies, the port of Antwerp is the link with other continents, and for many companies in the farthest corners of the world, it is the gateway to Europe. The port has more than 500 direct destinations all over the world, no less than 300 are called at every week!

About 15.000 ships visited the harbor last year, carrying almost 200 million tons of goods. This port is able to transport any freight.

A boat tour on the Scheldt can give you a real impression of just how immense it really is. From the water, you see the port from an entirely different angle, in the docks, and on the Scheldt. You get a closer view of the activities on the terminals, sail past giant container carriers hundreds of meters long, and experience the huge extent of the vast port area. Just sit back, relax and watch the ships, quays, cranes, and terminals glide past! There are various operators offering a variety of tours.

For additional information please visit: www.portofantwerp.com