The House of Riginov

“When people stare, you will know why” - Riginov

The house of Riginov is honored to welcome you to our brand new boutique at the Hyllit Hotel in Antwerp, the diamond world capital. Antwerp is the heart of diamond trade worldwide for more than five centuries! With a diamond market so big and diverse, it might be difficult even for the most experienced buyer to explore his journey in its full glory. Therefore Riginov lives up to her city’s reputation, and it has become a line of genuine. We pride ourselves on having managed to achieve all of our ambitions in being different and unique in all aspects. Riginov is a story of a family business built upon traditional values: knowledge, service, and trust. It is a house where luxury is standard, and perfection is the trademark.

Riginov jewelry meets the highest standards and exquisite quality. This craftsmanship is delivered by our handpicked team of skilled master goldsmiths. We embrace the beauty and value of our products. As every piece of jewelry tells a story, we offer a Bespoke Jewelry service to all our customers. Our trained graduated gemologists know the products, the geology, the science behind it, and how to capture your vision when it comes to finding the perfect fit for you and your budget. Your requirements are our priority to preserve cherished heirlooms for generations.

At Riginov every customer is a king, your wish is our command! 

We kindly advise everyone who is considering to make any purchase, to enter our Education & Guidance section and carefully read it trough. It will guide you and enrich your knowledge and confidence in all terms of the most important characteristics.  It will assist you and serve you with all the necessary information you need for you to make the right purchase. Our Education & Guidance section will also guide you if you are planning to visit the beautiful city of Antwerp, as it will show you all of the city’s famous highlights.

Become a Riginov customer, and enjoy the benefit of a complimentary night stay at the hotel!

Napoleon R. - CEO & Founder, Member of WFDB
Sivan R. - Graduate Gemologist (G.G.)