Your jewelry is valuable to you, you love it and treasure it. But along with the emotional value, it does have a monetary value as well. Riginov fully understands how important the purchase of a diamond, colored gemstone or jewelry is to every customer. Therefore we will provide you with a professional appraisal document signed by an IGI Certified Graduate Gemmologist for each item sold at no extra charge. In this way, buyers can be assured of the authenticity of the product they are purchasing.
This appraisal is a document stating the estimated retail value of the purchase and may be used for insurance coverage or other purposes.

The appraisal report contains valuable information such as:

  • An accurate and complete description of the item.
  • The clarity, color, cut and carat weight of the stone.
  • The shape of the stone.
  • The type of alloy.
  • Certified diamond grading report by GIA, HRD or IGI (If applicable).
  • Certified gemstone grading report by SSEF or GUBELIN (If applicable).
  • The estimated retail value.