MoMu | Mode Museum

MoMu (Mode Museum) is the Antwerp’s fashion museum. It is located in the historical ModeNatie building in the trendy Nationalestraat, the pounding heart of city’s fashion district. MoMu opened its doors in September 2002, and since is attracting fashion enthusiasts from home and all over the world.

MoMu earned a place among the leading fashion museums of the world, as it stands out with its immersive fashion exhibitions. In 2002 MoMu presented its first exhibition, and since then it is presenting 2 temporary exhibitions every year. As a visitor, you not only see the exhibits, but you are also immersed in the world of the designer or the theme. Each exhibition space focuses not just on fashion and clothing, but its context, from the designer's source of inspiration to the cultural norms of the time period. The exhibition space is completely transformed for every exhibition, making each visit a different and unique experience. Pieces from the MoMu collection also travel worldwide to be presented in international exhibitions.

MoMu collects, conserves, studies and exhibit Belgian fashion. The museum houses an impressive collection of more than 25.000 items.

The collection consists of clothing, accessories, and textiles, as well as more unexpected pieces such as tools and machines for textile production. In addition, the museum also houses a vast library collection. The museum is specifically focusing on Belgian contemporary fashion designers due to the arisen of a group of trained fashion designers who graduated from Antwerp's Royal Academy of Fine Arts during the 80s and the 90s. They are called the Antwerp Six, and they made Antwerp the fashion city it is today. Dries Van Noten is the only one of them who still has a stand-alone shop, housed in the fabulous corner site of Het Modepaleis, just across the street. Antwerp literally breathes fashion, and has made it into the top 10 leading fashion capitals of the world!

Please kindly note that MoMu is closed for renovation and will reopen in autumn 2020.

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