De Koninck Brewery

De Koninck Brewery (Brouwerij De Koninck) is a Belgian brewery based in Antwerp. De Koninck beers have been brewed here since 1833 and still are today. The old brewery has recently been refurbished into an innovative beer experience center. The new interactive brewery tour will fully immerse visitors in the world of De Koninck with the latest audio-visual techniques. Iconic hand-shaped arrows, beer bottles, and De Koninck glasses will guide you through 10 interactive rooms. You will discover the brewing process, the rich history of the beer and its unique bond with the city. Today the city brewery also welcomes other craftsmen like cheese masters, chocolatiers, and top butchers. You can buy, taste, attend workshops or even dine to complete your brewery visit.

Although De Koninck brews several beers, they are most famous and loved for their flagship beer which is simply called "De Koninck". The beer is served in a glass called a "bolleke", which showcases the creamy head, amber color, and delicate aromatics of De Koninck. The glass is so famous throughout the city that local Antwerpenaars just order a bolleke when in bars. Besides Belgium is also well-known for serving its beer using matching glassware.

The Belgians are rightfully proud of their beer, so it would be rude to visit Antwerp and not to taste a few cold beers. Treat yourself with a unique experience unlike anything you have seen before, and start your visit to Antwerp with a tasty bolleke at De Koninck.

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