Frites Atelier

Belgium is well-known for its fries, they are the pride of our nation. While they may be known across the world as "French fries", there is nothing French about them. The expression is said to have developed during the First World War when French was the official language of the Belgian army. Supposedly some Belgian soldiers offered their American colleagues a portion of fries, but because of the language these men spoke, the Americans assumed these hospitable soldiers were French.

These deep-fried potato snacks have a rich history and are rooted deep within the Belgian culture. Many of our most popular and traditional dishes are enjoyed with a portion of fries. We don’t see fries as fast food but as art. We have the pride and the skills to make the best fries in the world. We take the time to prepare them as they should be, from the correct chopping technique to the second cooking. These authentic fries are served in the traditional chip chop, called "Frituur", which is a common sight in the Antwerp street scene. You can find more than 5000 Frituurs throughout Belgium.

Michelin-star chef Sergio Herman (The Jane Antwerp) decided to try his hand at an entirely new sort of food concept and set out to start a potato revolution. He spent more than a year and a half of research, testing different types of potatoes, experimenting with baking methods, and many other trials to get the perfect fries. Using Zeeland clay potatoes, a selection of homemade sauces with no preservatives or artificial additives and vegetables from Zeeland organic farm, Frites Atelier Amsterdam was born.

Frites Atelier is where traditional fries and Michelin-star quality are brought together. After the successful opening in 2016 of Frites Atelier in The Netherlands, Antwerp was honored with the opening of the luxury chip chop. It is located in the Korte Gasthuisstraat, directly opposite the well-known bakery Goossens. Enter the fancy Frites Atelier and face a giant mosaic logo embedded into the wooden floor, marble sauce decanters fitted with gold taps, and huge marble counters where the chefs pour bowls of freshly fried golden chips with gourmet toppings.

Don’t let the queue outside stop you, the fries are absolutely worth the wait!

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