IGI Graduate Gemologist (G.G.)

The most prestigious credential title in the industry is to become a Graduate Gemologist (G.G.). It requires a serious time commitment and monetary investment to earn a G.G. degree. You must complete advanced course studies and lab classes and then pass a comprehensive final exam. This program gives you all the necessary knowledge of gemstones you need to succeed anywhere in the jewelry business. You will gain both technical expertise and practical skills to evaluate gemstones. It’s not all that common to find a trained gemologist using the proper gemological equipment, in fact, most jewelers don’t even examine the gems they sell. Only those who are truly serious about their jewelry career and have a deep-rooted passion for the industry, pursue a G.G. degree.

At Riginov, we believe your investment deserves the guidance of a highly-trained professional. You will have the opportunity to work with someone who truly knows the business. With our Graduate Gemologist, Mrs. Sivan R., you will immediately notice the difference once meeting her. She knows the product, the geology, the science behind it and knows how to capture your vision when it comes to finding the perfect fit for you and your budget. She will fully explain the 4Cs of Diamond Quality and will provide answers to all of your questions.

Accomplished degrees:

  • Colored Stone Grader
  • Polished Diamond Grader
  • Rough Diamond Grader
  • Diamond Grader
  • Graduate Gemologist


For additional information please visit: www.igi.org