Ars Nobilis Member

Ars Nobilis is the official Belgian Federation of Jewelry and Watches. Ars Nobilis proudly supports the most stringent quality requirements in the Belgian jewelry and watchmaking industry. This national federation also fervently pleads for the respect of an ethical code and therefore created the "Best Jewellers" label. In this label, the Belgian Federation of Jewelry and Watches presents a selection of the most qualitative and reliable jewelers in Antwerp. This label is designed in order to protect the consumers and help them to make their choice with confidence and tranquility during their purchase. It also ensures you to be served appropriately and assisted by a jeweler/watchmaker who will meet your expectations. 

In 2014, the City of Antwerp – in collaboration with AWDC, Ars Nobilis, KIWA and FPS Economy - launched the Antwerp’s Most Brilliant quality label.

Antwerp is well known as being the diamond world capital, as the city is the heart of diamond trade industry for more than five centuries!  With a diamond market so big and diverse, it might be difficult even for the most experienced buyer to explore his journey in its full glory. Riginov lives up to the city’s reputation, and therefore has received this label and is now on the list of the most trusted jewelers in Antwerp.

”We are extremely proud to have achieved this label. It is a confirmation of our dedication offering the highest standards and exquisite quality of superior craftsmanship for fair prices and the best customer service possible." - Riginov


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